EconoLux ELPL Grow/Plant-light

EconoLux ELPL Grow/Plant-light

Our ELPL Series of Energy Saving induction, and T5HO plant growing lampsproduce a better spectrum with a closer match to the PAR curve than Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium grow-lamps, or the typical „dual-band/quad-band“ type of LED plant-growing lights. 

  • The ELPL series of Induction grow/plant-lights uses less energy and has asignificantly longer lifespan (80,000~85,000 hours) than other plant growing lamp types.

  • The ELPL-T5HO 54W lamps/tubes offer the same closer match to the PAR curve as our Induction models, while offer a more consumer oriented, lower price product.

The poster gives an overview of our Grow/Plant-light product line, including our 420 and 700 series fixtures, our range of induction lighting products, and our T5HO lamps, all of which are available with different types of light output spectrum; for use in growing different plant types

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